Pool table on wheels. How real is this? 5 Examples

You are a fan of great pool, and you can’t set the table at home? We offer a pool table on casters – the best home option for a friend or family tournament.

Cat Stormstrike 5-Foot Space-Saving Folding Billiard/Pool Game Table

Fat Cat Stormstrike 5-Foot Space-Saving Folding Billiard/Pool Game Table

When it is necessary to make a billiard room from the living room and vice versa, these particular model is bought.

A distinctive feature of Fat Cat Stormstrike Folding Billiard/Pool Game Table, in addition to stability and good gaming qualities, is ease of transportation and installation.

Unlike traditional massive billiard tables, there is a fairly small area for billiards. Billiards is very convenient for apartments and villas. Adjustable table supports are quickly dismantled and folded.

Strong, light and stable billiard table with quick-release adjustable supports. Assembling a billiard table isn’t difficult and can be implemented on its own, without requiring the involvement of specialists.

Fat Cat Stormstrike Folding Billiard/Pool Game Table with stable supports is the best option for installing in a house when there is no separate billiard room. Its unique feature is a convenient folding mechanism that allows you to effortlessly quickly fold/unfold a pool table. Thanks to the wheels, the table can be conveniently moved to the allotted place during storage.

The model of this home billiard comes with a set of all necessary accessories for the game:  two cues, a set of billiard balls, a Resin Triangle, and table brush.


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Pool Table Car

Triangle Billiards

Pool Table Car

The billiard table doesn’t have to stand in the large living room of a beautiful mansion. Making such a table on wheels is also a great solution. Imagine, you sit at the entrance… and suddenly a table comes up, welcome to the game!

Pool Table Car was commissioned by Triangle Billiards, a manufacturer of billiard equipment from California by customizer Vini Bergeman (Big Daddy Vini), the star of Discovery Channel. This is a classic advertising vehicle.

The most surprising thing is that the table is completely “unfastened” from the car, and it “takes” both rear axles with it – the front part remains on the small support wheels. In this case, the table meets all the requirements of the sports regulations – with the wheels locked it can be put at least in the house.

Pool Table Car 1

The roof of the car is removed so that you can play without dividing the car – to come to the table from the salon is not very convenient, but possible. The base used is Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

In fact, hybrids of cars and billiard tables are made by other companies, but only this option hasn’t lost the ability to move independently. The most common method is to simply cut off the upper part, remove the engine and put a billiard table on the chassis – you can push it, but you cannot start it.

Car Pool Tables Inc

The guys from the Florida company Car Pool Tables Inc showed how to make a pool table not just an expensive sports equipment, but a collectible.

The idea of the project is the same. The base of the billiard table is not a wooden carved structure, but a real retro car body. Car Pool Tables customizers take an old car – usually in poor condition – and beautifully restore it, albeit in a peculiar way. The place of the salon and the engine is occupied by a billiard table built into the retro car.

Car Pool Tables 1

The most popular model is based on the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette. Corvette Pool Table is a real retro car. Or a retro table, whatever.

In the Car Pool Tables Inc line, there are several more tables – based on the Ford Mustang of 1965, the Chevrolet Camaro of 1969 and Shelby GT-350 of 1965.

Car Pool Tables

We must say that the company is exclusively engaged in tuning cars – the very surface of the table, cloth, pockets, and so on the leading Florida manufacturer of billiard equipment Craftmaster Billiard makes. So these are not just expensive and beautiful toys, but also quite functional sports equipment.

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Riley 5ft Folding Pool Table

Riley 5ft Folding Pool Table

Riley 5ft Folding Pool Table is the most original and one of the best options on the market. It combines such important qualities for buyers as high-quality and stable construction and innovative folding leg system. The table won’t take much space, so it can be installed and used at home.

It’s easy to assemble. You can do it yourself without the help of specialists.

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The accessories included in the kit are 2 ash cues, pool balls, a chalk, a triangle, and a brush. Full-size balls and good large pockets make it even easier for the kids to play. The table is an ideal variant for a game room located in your own home. Nevertheless, it seems that you are playing in a professional pool.

Compact size, vertical folding leg system, and integrated castors allows to easily fold the table and conveniently store it when it isn’t used. Black finish with Riley branding makes the table unique and remarkable.

The set also includes table tennis accessorises (bats, balls, and net) and table tennis table top.

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Indoor Wooden Snooker billiard table

indoor wooden foldable movable leg pool table Snooker billiard table

If you need a pool table that folds easily and takes up little space during storage, pay attention to Indoor Wooden Snooker billiard table. This billiard table folds easily. It is easy to move the table thanks to the wheels.

Indoor Wooden Snooker billiard table is made of high-quality felt and MDF. It can be folded and stored in an upright position what is convenient if you haven’t a special game room or much space for such equipment. Playing on it will bring pleasure not only to children but also to adults.

The table comes with a full set of accessories: 2 cues, a set of balls, a triangle, a brush, and chalk.

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BCE 6ft Folding Leg Snooker Table

BCE 6ft Folding Leg Snooker Table

This table is included in our review as it is one of the best selling tables in the BCE range and a great billiard table for home use. It can also be used to play table tennis using a table tennis top. Or you can even play darts. Really! This table now comes complete with a soft tip free dart board, while stocks last.

There won’t be problems with storage. BCE 6ft Table is easily folded and transported with its unique rolling folding leg system. So, make your game room back a dining room or bedroom. Thanks to the castors, move it easily and quickly. 

In a small apartment, the table doesn’t take up much space, its storage will not cause inconvenience.

The table comes with all the accessories necessary for the game.