11 Best Pool table reviews 2018

Billiards is a game sung by classics and conquering the upper world, politicians, and owners of the largest companies. The game, the successes in which generals and officers have always been as proud as successes in military affairs. The popularity of it is steadily growing … In a word, billiards is more than just a game. But you can appreciate it only by playing on a quality table. It depends on the table whether you feel the taste of excitement or will suffer from discomfort, sharpen your skills – or lose interest because of the unpredictable behavior of the balls. A billiard table is a purchase for many years. Let’s look at 11 Best Pool table in 2018 which are popular among buyers.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table

The Mizerak Dynasty model was created specifically for modern, originally designed home billiards. Possessing good game characteristics, which, as is known, is famous for all the equipment of the Mizerak factory, these tables have an unusual design. Its basis is a combination of smooth lines, massive elements, and visual “lightness”.

The design of this model is completely collapsible. The additional overlap between the legs provides greater stability, and the adjustable levels on each leg make it possible to align the table even on the very curved floor. There is a system of skate balls in one place, such a system allows you to quickly prepare for the next game. The base of the table is made of reinforced MDF, so the balls behave more naturally on the field. Board with rubber shock absorbers, the table is equipped with special jacks for adjusting the height of the table. The table is finished with high-quality bamboo laminate. It is a long-lasting and elegant billiard table that is distinguished by its elegant design. The game on this magnificent table gives only pleasure.

Lancaster Pool Table 

For advanced lovers, an enhanced model of the Lancaster table. The modified foot design makes this model more stable. This billiard table is suitable for those who like to play billiards but who do not plan to become the world champion in the pool. However, if in the future such plans appear, then you will already get the initial skills on this table. The durable laminated surface of the sides and supports perfectly protects them from scratches, dents, as well as atmospheric influences.

The table has great bumpers for fast ball return. Internal drop pockets hold pool balls after you sink each shot. The kit includes accessories for playing pool – 2 cues, a set of balls, a brush for cleaning cloth, chalks, and a triangle.

BARRINGTON Billiard Table

Billiard table of the class of interior design, which stores the spirit of antiquity. Elegant table with gracefully curved legs and quaint carvings. This table, combining a refined look with excellent game characteristics, will appeal not only to a good player but to the most exacting aesthetic. The small size of the table will allow placing it in a small billiard room, a cozy bar or a cafe.

The surface of the table is of professional-grade wool blend green felt. Hammered balls are located in a beautiful leather pocket with a pattern, which gives the game even more sophistication.

Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table

Fat Cat billiard table is designed to play in the pool. The well-thought-out design of the supports makes this model more stable. The table has a size of 7 feet. The futuristic design of the table, made in a noble black color with the addition of silver lines, will fit into any interior and will not go unnoticed.

The case is made of MDF, treated in a special way and covered with PVC wrap on top so that the table is not afraid of moisture and minor mechanical damage. The surface of the table is covered with a blue polyester fabric. Rounded rubber sides along the edges, a convenient system for collecting all balls, adjustable legs, a sturdy construction of the legs – all this makes the Fat Cat billiard table it irreplaceable for those who like to play billiards. This billiard table can be installed in a city apartment or in a country house.

The kit includes all the necessary accessories for the game: 2 cues, a set of balls, a triangle, a brush, 2 chalk.

Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table

Beauty and durability were originally laid as one of the main characteristics of the design of this table. The model is made of solid wood and has a stylish finish. Glossy laminated beads are ideally shaded with opaque massive metal corners. The paving of the table top is made of the smooth Teotolon material, which promotes fast rolling of balls.

Special jacks, built into the legs of the table, allow you to perfectly level the table on any surface. And one more plus – the table is conveniently installed and maintained. The pockets with rubber inserts protect the balls from chipping.

This magnificent high-level table guarantees you the pleasure of playing billiards.

MD SPORTS Billiard Table

The MD SPORTS billiard table is an excellent way to relax while playing billiards at home. This new model from the company MD SPORTS is made of wood grain – a material that has gained popularity due to the fact that it has excellent resistance to excessive moisture and temperature changes. Such a wooden cover will extend the life of the gaming table for many years. The playing surface is made of wool blended with polyester felt, which gives the balls even more speed. Rubber fuses allow the balls to bounce off the sides without damaging the surface. And leather pockets for balls with a beautiful classic pattern give the table a presentable look.

Billiard table from MD SPORTS has 4 massive lower supports that ensure the stability of the construction and the evenness of the playing field of the table. When buying a table for billiards, you will receive a set of accessories for the game. Its standard equipment includes balls, billiard cues, a triangle, a brush for cleaning cloth, chalk.

MD SPORTS billiard table will serve you for a long time during the billiard battles with family and friends.

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table

With all the changes in fashion and style, the English style is a fidelity to tradition, an unrivaled example of quality, elegance, and taste. This table will decorate a small billiard room or a cozy bar, designed in a traditional English style. EastPoint Sports Masterton billiard table combines classical design with good game parameters.

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiards will please the experienced player and will be remembered as an interior item. The whole design of this model has a coating which resists wear and tear. Quality cloth can last for many years. The heavy frame of the billiards of EastPoint Sports Masterton provides rigidity of the construction. Professional rubber corners, providing good bounce of balls, quality cloth and leather pockets will provide a high level of play. The boards and legs are made of high-quality wooden materials.

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiards will decorate a billiard or cozy pub, as well as your living room.

Sportcraft Billiard Pool Table

The table is completed with quality onboard rubber and wear-resistant cloth. The billiard design allows you to set the horizontal of the playing field with perfect accuracy. The playing surface is UV-coated, and scratch-resistant rail coating for durability and longevity.

Massive beads are made of wood. The frame and supports are made of high-quality strong materials, which gives resistance to temperature changes and additional rigidity of the billiard design.

High-quality on-board rubber and wear-resistant cloth provide a beautiful rolling and the correct angle of the ball rebound from the side. The table model is decorated with a light patina with the effect of noble antiquity, which gives the natural tree even more expressiveness, emphasizing the structure of the tree.

Thick curved legs with a pattern on them give the table a noble look and shades of the past. Pockets for balls are made in a classic style.

Lancaster Wood Veneer Billiards Pool Table

The Lancaster billiard table is an excellent way to relax while playing billiards at home and in the office. This modern model from the Lancaster company is made of a material that has gained popularity due to the fact that it has excellent resistance to excessive humidity and temperature changes.

Billiard table Lancaster has 4 crossed lower supports, which ensure the stability of the design and the evenness of the playing field of the table. On the legs, there are special pads that protect the table from scratches.

When buying a table for billiards Lancaster you will receive a set of accessories for the game. Its standard configuration includes 2 cue sticks, cue rack, billiard balls, triangle rack, chalk, and brush.

The Lancaster billiard table model is designed for fans who prefer practical and economical solutions.

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Fat Cat Reno Billiard/Pool Game Table

The Fat Cat Reno table forbilliards is a reliable model of the amateur series.

The massive frame of the billiard table is made of high-quality MDF. It consists of an external frame and internal connections in the form of a lattice, which ensures the stability of the structure. Has a system of jack adjustment for each table support. Rails with white diamond inlays and beveled legs with a maple wood veneer and a cherry finish.

The materials in the base of the playing field, covered with qualitative cloth, create an absolutely smooth, flat surface, which allows the ball to roll accurately and quickly in the direction given by the player.

Billiard table Fat Cat Reno is covered with burgundy wool cloth and is engineered to resist warping over time.

Supports are made in the original form and attached to its frame in a special, improved way to increase the strength of the model. The Fat Cat Reno table definitely stands out for its unusual design.

Fat Cat Trueshot Billiard Table

Small Fat Cat Trueshot billiards  – foldable compact home model for playing billiards. It has a small size and weight, reinforced construction, which allows it to be used by both children and adults. Such a table does not take up much space in the assembled state, and if you fold the legs, the table can be removed under the bed. The design of black color will fit into any interior. The whole construction is made of high-quality materials, rounded chrome corners protect children from accidental impact.

For those who want to enjoy a game of pool but at the same time, to save space in the room, the billiard table of the Fat Cat company will become an indispensable thing in your home.

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In order, the game of billiards was useful and entertaining and brought pleasure and joy you need a cool billiard table. Leading manufacturers use high-quality components, reliable, proven materials and pay attention to every detail. Therefore, before buying a billiard table, do not be lazy to read reviews and testimonials about different models.