17 Best pool tables for home use

So, you’ve decided to buy a pool table. This is a great decision! Playing pool is an amazing way to relax, unwind, or spend time with friends. However, choosing the right pool table is not an easy task. With lots of choices in the market and soaring prices, you gotta think thoroughly before splashing out. Good news – this article will be a time-saver for you! We’ve analyzed practically all the best options out there and made a list of the best of the best. Let’s dive right into it!

Brunswick Danbury

Brunswick Danbury is a classical variant. It is 8ft. Its price is slightly above $3000. The first thing you gotta remember while choosing a pool table is that a good thing is worth a good money. Anything under $1000 will wear off quite quickly leaving you with where you started.

So, in terms of quality, this table is what we need! This is proven by the fact that it has a solid construction made of durable materials. The legs are made of solid wood, the body is 3 pieces of one-inch slate, and the cloth – the cloth is made of out wool. The only drawback here is wooden rails – it is generally considered that good quality rails are rubber because only rubber can give a good bounce throughout a long period of time. However, a good wood is also okay.

brunswick danberry

The table’s look will give any room a luxury touch. There are four cloth colors to choose from – green, red, brown, and blue. Of course, all of these colors are named in a freaky complicated way, but let’s keep things simple! The chestnut legs of the table are done in an old-fashioned vintage style.

If you order this table from Amazon, you will also get a package of playing accessories, such as balls, cues, 2-piece bridge stick, 8 ball rack, chalk, and others – all that is necessary for the game. In sum, this is an exemplary pool table. It will last you for years and give lots of joyful moments!

price: $$$

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Barrington Billiard 100

Barrington produces this amazing 7ft pool table that you can see at the picture below. In general, pool tables can be of different sizes. 7ft is a bar table – the most widespread type; most people are used to this one. 8ft tables, as well as 9ft, are frequently used in different kinds of competitions. 6ft are basically small toys, mostly suitable for children.  So, here we are dealing with the best option – not so small and not that big.

This table cannot boast with stable slate – it is made out of wood. However, the thickness of this wood shouldn’t let you down. The most vivid advantage of the table is K66 bumpers or rails – K66 is a certified rubber, which means that a great bounce is guaranteed.

barrington billiards table

The look of the table is very stylish. The surface has a rich green color. The legs are similar to those of the model above – ball and claw. The ball pockets are leather which makes the table even more gorgeous. Once again, all the necessary accessories – balls, cues, a rack, chalk, etc. – are included. So, if you are interested in a cheaper pool table that does not necessarily feature slates, this is a nice option to consider!

price: $$

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Barrington Billiard 84

Barrington Billiard 84 is one more table by Barrington. 84 stands for 3/4 inches, meaning that the board is 3/4 inches thick. Obviously, the previous table is 1 inch thick, which is, of course, better because the construction means a lot – it contributes to the table’s durability. If the board is weak, constant pushes and leanings may damage a level-playing field. This Barrington, however, is provided with legs levers that will help you to fine-tune a level playing field even if you have a curved floor.

barrington 84

The table has a polyester velvet felt surface and arcade style legs. The legs are quite stable which is a good thing. The heavier, the more stable a table is, the better. The pockets are internal. The rails are not so special. All in all, this pool table is a budget option if we compare it to the table above. However, it is still good. If you don’t want to spend lumps of money, don’t miss it!

price: $

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Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks

This Brunswick 8ft table made out of oak is one more desirable offer. It also doesn’t feature slates – slabs of slates obviously cost lots of money which makes some pool tables way too expensive. Instead of slates, the producers of this table use a solid wood with select veneered hardwoods.

The table’s finish is espresso color and the cloth can be of three different colors – green, yellowish, and red. The cloth on the table is woolen. The overall look is a classic one – ball and claw legs, carved corners, and other interesting details.

brunswick 8

As always, if you buy this table, you will get all the necessary accessories as well. Some tables feature an extended accessory kit that includes bridge necessities, such as a bridge head and special sticks, while others adhere to the standard pool tools. This one is among the former! All in all, the table is great for family gatherings. It will surely decorate your living room, however, if you look for more expensive options, you’ll be able to find something more steady & durable. But it is still a nice glen oaks pool table, definitely worth consideration!

price: $$$

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Fusion Pool Table & Dining Table

Many people are not really keen on buying a pool table because it takes lots of space, and not everybody can afford it. More than that, all the games sooner or later become less entertaining and turn into a habit. The beginners’ excitement tends to disappear quickly (Of course, if you are not an avid pool player – then everything’s fine!) Fusion Pool Table helps to resolve all of these issues. It is not just a pool table – it is also a dining table. And a very stylish one! There are different color palettes – grey oak veneer, matte white lacquered,  walnut veneer, and others. So, you can choose something that really fits!

fusion pool table

The table is easily transformed into a pool one and back into a dining one – it takes only about a minute. All the accessories, by the way, can be stored under the dining table’s board. If you wonder whether it is possible to sit behind this table – it is possible and very convenient! No difference from conventional dining tables. By the way, there are matching stools and benches that you can buy separately.

Upon the whole, the pearl of this table is its topnotch design. If you are up for a cool alternative to boring dining tables, this is one of the best options – why wouldn’t it be? It features one of the greatest games in the world.

price:  $$$$

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Brunswick Gold Crown V

If you can afford to buy a professional table, Brunswick Gold Crown is what you certainly need to consider. This table is preferred by practically all of the professional pool players around the world. It is steady, 9ft (which requires some additional space), made out of slates and sturdy wood.

gold crown

This table costs a good money. But it is of really high quality. If you are just an amateur though and need a pool table just for having fun now and then, take a look at something else! Let’s keep your purse heavy. But if you are totally fine with buying this beauty, go ahead! It is one of the best.

price: $$$$

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Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table

Let’s remember how a game can become tiring after some time. A pool table today. A pool table tomorrow. A pool table always. But how about a 3-in-1 combination? Are you ready to turn your home into a playing house? Fat Cat Pockey table can help you with that! The table is designed to be a playing field for three different games – pool/billiards, table tennis, and air hockey.

To see more multifunctional tables, go to this article: 13 Best Multi Game tables reviews 2018.

fatcat pockey

There are three surfaces: a tetolon green cloth for playing pool, a trifold table top for ping-pong, and a glossy white surface for air hockey. The accessories for all the three games are included! Since the table is 7ft, it won’t take too much space. The transformations are not so hard to make. So, this is a real finding for games lovers! Don’t forget to check the price.

price: $

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Playcraft Charles River 8

Playcraft Charles River 8 is a very popular choice. This table comes in several different colors and variations – there are at least 2 colors of the finish and 10 colors of the cloth. We’ve chosen a picture of the most appealing one, according to our taste – your taste may be different, so be free to check other options! The most important part is, of course, not the look, but the features.


playcraft charles river

Here, the slate is made out of slabs of slate, so this is actually slate – the best choice which ensures a steady construction. Cabriole legs finish with the ball and claw feet. In sum, this is a very good, elegant pool table. It is not a coincidence so many people have chosen it!

price: $$

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Playcraft Sport Bank Shot

This dwarf is not a full pool table – it doesn’t have legs (long legs!), so it is basically just a surface. A surface which is 1.5 inches in diameter. Such parameters are suitable for children’s room. Your kid will be thrilled! The table has a red cloth and cherry laminate finish. It is very cheap. Less than 100 bucks and you have a cool toy!

playcraft sports bank

All the necessary equipment for playing is included. So, if you are looking for ways to differentiate a pastime of your child, this might be the best option! You won’t spend much, and you’ll get all that’s necessary. The longevity is questionable, but what’s not to like about such an inexpensive item!

price: 1/2 $

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Fat Cat Frisco

One more amazing and popular pool table is Fat Cat Frisco. Fat Cat Frisco is 7 foot. It costs less than $1000 dollars, which is more affordable than a slate table or let’s say an oak table. The legs of this table are constructed of veneer mahogany or a red tree. The legs’ bottom part is equipped with leveling pads that allow you to create an even playing ground. One more advantage is K66 rubber bumpers which are perfect for a good bounce.

fat cat frisco

The overall look of the table is classic. Drop pockets, for example, are done in a French style. In sum, this is a solid good pool table, even if a budget one!

price: $

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Mizerak Donovan II

Mizerak Donovan the Second is an 8ft slate or slatron (slatron is another great material, second greatest after slate) pool table. Its contemporary gothic style will attract lots of attention. The cloth is wool blend red. The finish is black with chrome accents. The legs of the table end with disk levelers so that you could ensure a level playing field. And, of course, rubber bumpers allow performing the most complicated tricks!

mizerack donovan

All the accessories are included as always – cues, balls, triangle rack, chalk, and brush. So, if you like the style and 8 foot is a reasonable size for you, why not to choose this one?

price: $$

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MD Sports Billiard Table

MD Sports Billiard table has an unusual size – it is 7,5 foot. So if 7ft is too small for you, 7,5 should be alright. After all, it is hard to find space for 8ft anyway. The table has a sturdy playfield which is 18 mm thick and made of laminate. The rails, aprons, and base are MDF – this is fiber, which is okay. The rails are provided with K-66 bumpers, so no worries about the bounce.

md sport billiard

The table looks sporty. Contemporary designs are in general a breath of fresh air in all of this green & brown color palette. Grey may look mundane but at least it won’t annoy you after some time. The drop pockets are standard. All the pool accessories are included as usual. So, this is a pretty cool offer! And the price is not that high.

price: $

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Fat Cat Tucson

Fat Cat Tucson is a 7ft billiard table. The table’s style is also modern, kind of arcade. The surface is electric blue and the legs are mostly black. The main material used for constructing this table is fiber. 3/4 MDF structure may not be as stable as slates but it is still alright. The table is equipped with rubber bumpers and leg levelers – both features increase the quality of your games. Two sides of the table – the players’ sides – have containers for the balls, which is very convenient.

fat cat tucson

Needless to say, that cues, balls, chalks, and a rack go together with the table, e.g. included in the price. So, if blue is your color and less than $1000 is your price, don’t miss the option!

price: $

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Fat Cat Trueshot

Fat Cat Trueshot is a compact small pool table. The advantage of compact pool tables is that they’re compact, meaning they don’t take lots of space or lots of efforts for assembling. The downside, though, is that the construction is far from being stable which means that a constant play will sooner or later destroy a level playfield. However, the producers of this table claim that the materials used are high-quality materials that ensure strength all the same. Compactness of the table is in that the legs are foldable.

fat cat trueshot

The design is modern, black goes with everything. All the accessories that you can see on the picture are sold together with the table. In general, pool tables are heavy and cannot be moved around all the time. If it doesn’t suit you, you can choose this fine compact table instead!

price: $

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Minnesota Fats Covington

Minnesota Fats Covington billiard table is 7.5ft, which is, as discussed earlier, is unusual but very convenient size. The table has all the characteristics that are desirable in pool tables. First of all, it has a 3/4 inch MDF slate-core surface. Then, there are K-66 rubber bumpers. The rails are wooden, as well as the legs. The legs are beautifully carved. Finally, the cloth is made of wool and has a nice camel color. Actually, there are a couple of colors, but one of them is camel/sandy.

minnesota fats

Well, you can actually see that the look is gorgeous. The accessories required for the game are in the package. All in all, this is a great pool table, probably one of the most worthwhile on this list. The price-quality ration is the best!

price: $$

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Hathaway Table Top

Hathaway Table Top is already the second pool top on our list. Tops are not full tables and therefore cost considerably less, however, they put across the idea of the game which is a lot. In most cases, tops are bought for children, but if your inner child is not dead yet, you can buy it for yourself as well.

The top depicted below is mostly made of MDF. It has a blue surface and short L-shaped legs. The legs finish with no-mar pads so that the surface on which the table is put stays undamaged.

hathaway table

All the accessories needed for playing are included in the price. So, if think you’ll be satisfied with a сheap substitute for a pool table, this is a good option to think of!

price: 1/2 $

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Hathaway Fairmont Portable

If you are looking for a normal pool table with legs and everything but still don’t want to overpay, you can choose a compact pool table. Hathaway Fairmont is the second compact pool table overviewed in this article. It is in many ways similar to Fat Cat Trueshot, but there are certain peculiarities.

The table’s surface is blue wool felt. The legs are steel and foldable which makes the table portable – you can easily disassemble it and take it with you wherever you go in a nylon bag (the bag is included in the price). Since it is 6ft, it is great for children, but once again, even the adults may feel the excitement of the game – regardless of the size.

hathaway fairmount

The table comes with all the necessary pool accessories. It is easy and simple. So, if you are not up for buying a steady construction, you can buy a compact one. It will still fit fine in your house! The possibility to take the thing away is a just a plus.

price: $

This is it for the best indoor pool tables. As we see, there are different kinds of models and different kinds of prices. I hope you’ve found what you need or at least got an impression of what is out there. Have a great time playing and choose game tables wisely!