3 Best 3-in-1 rotating multi-game tables

For those who like physical activity, it is not always easy to find the time for outdoor games. These days even on weekends we all seem to be busy! A great solution to this problem is to buy a multi-functional game table. Do you prefer to play aristocratic billiards or noisy hockey? How about getting a table that ‘can do both’? One single table is able to help you organize all kinds of sports battles you can think of.

A multi-game table situated in an office will become a place for colleagues gatherings at lunchtime or after work. In restaurants, such a table will serve as a visitors’ attracter, which will surely contribute to your income. And if you like spending weekends at a cottage with a big friendly company, you should definitely buy a multi-game table! Neither adults nor children will have time to get bored while fighting for the title of champion.

Below, you will find the descriptions of 3 Best 3-in-1 rotating multi-game tables.

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

If you like the idea of having several types of board games at once, you should definitely pay attention to the Triumph table. This table is suitable both for adults and children. A turning surface lets you choose between playing air hockey, table tennis, and billiards. This table will satisfy the taste of any company!

The structure weighs a lot, which makes it durable and stable. The width of the surface is 32 inches, which is enough space for a good game. The table has a lock, which prevents the table top from turning over during the game. The set of the table includes all the necessary accessories for the games.

On the legs, there are special jacks that allow leveling the table. The billiards surface has special pockets for hammered balls. The table tennis top is snug against the base for air hockey. The fact that the surface can move makes it convenient for you to switch between the games. So, basically, this is a pretty cool model that is 100% worth your attention.

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Table

This multi-functional game will help you not to be bored in your leisure and recharge positive emotions. After having placed this small universal playing table in your home, you will always be able to have fun in a friendly company. Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 includes three games – billiards, air hockey, table tennis.

A great advantage of the design of this table is in that it has a storage for gaming accessories. The accessories set includes special stands for cues, balls, etc. The billiards surface is made of a durable material, resistant to damage. The air hockey surface has built-in fans for quick sliding of the washer.

The playing field is wide enough for comfortable gaming. The total length of it is 80 inches. The width is 44 inches. There are hand point counters so that you always knew who’s on the winning side. The hinges that are responsible for turning the top are responsible for a smooth movement of the whole structure. Such a mechanism is able to change the game quickly. Special stubs are used in order to keep the surface stable and unmovable while playing.

This Fat Cat table will certainly be met with awe by a merry and noisy company. It will beautifully diversify your leisure!

Fat Cat 3-in-1 Flip Game Table

In the picture, you can see a table that includes 3 the most popular sports – billiards, table tennis, and air hockey. The most important thing is that all the three games are comprised in one single structure. Having options does not mean taking up too much space! Your guests will be able to choose a game that suits their taste. The producers assure that the design is fully optimized for good playing experience. You will have a feeling as though you are playing at a professional level.

The billiards playing surface is solid. The table includes pockets for the balls, the playing field is surrounded by rubber bumpers for a good rebound.

The air hockey surface includes fans to speed up the puck. The table tennis surface is snug against the table surface, which guarantees the game without any shifts in the playing field.

To change the game, simply turn over the table. The special latches will not allow the table to move at the most inopportune moment (while you are playing).

Today, while picking up pieces of furniture for a rec room, consumers are paying more and more attention to multi-function gaming tables. These tables are popular and loved due to their numerous capabilities. You set only one table and get two, three or even six games at a time! Everything depends on the table and its producer. A transformer game table is an ideal solution for those who dream of equipping a rec room with lots of various options but cannot find free space for them all. 

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