5 Best small air hockey pucks

Air hockey is one of the most dynamic types of table sport, popular in more than 40 countries. The goal of the competition is to score the maximum number of goals in the opponent’s goal in the allotted time, which are made in the form of slots and are located on different sides of the table. The game is impossible without special accessories, bits and washers are needed. Today, let’s talk about 5 Best small air hockey pucks.

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Truscope Sports

For an exciting and full game requires a washer for air hockey. It has a well-designed size that provides comfort for daily use. The red color of the washer is clearly visible on the playing field during a dynamic game. Provides good glide and develops excellent speed.

The product is simple and convenient to use. The diameter of the washer is 3.25 inches. This washer is made of durable plastic, resistant to damage and without harmful substances.

Super Z Outlet

An important accessory for air hockey, on which the outcome of the game often depends. It is suitable for any gaming table. Performed in bright colors, so it is clearly visible on the playing field in the process of an exciting game. The special shape of the product provides excellent sliding on the table top.

The manufacturer uses high-quality plastic that ensures the durability of service. The washer will not crack and will not break if it accidentally falls to the floor or hits hard against the sides of the table.


The Glamorway washer for air hockey is made of a strong stamped polycarbonate resin. The disc has a thickened outer contour of the rim, which prevents the breakage of the washer during strong shocks during the game, when colliding with the sides or when accidentally flying out of the field.

Extremely laconic in form, smooth and practical object, glides well on the playing field.


The washer from one of the world's leading manufacturers - the Dynamo factory - is made of high-impact plastic, color - luminescent green. Suitable for all token models (without exception), and also can be used for home tables. Lit in the ultraviolet.

The service life is sufficiently large with proper handling of the item.


The air hockey puck is an indispensable accessory for an entertaining board game. The product is made of durable plastic, not subject to deformation. Due to its lightweight, the washer flies above the table, like on wings. This model comes in two sizes - 2.5 inches and 3 inches.


Standard dimensions of the air hockey pucks with a normalized weight guarantee a quality game. Ideally, it is washers of 234inches in diameter, made in the form of a disk of impact-resistant plastic with a smooth surface. It is these accessories that are used when holding championships of different levels. A logo can be printed on top. Color is important only because it’s easier to follow a bright puck, so give preference to red, yellow, orange.
Standard dimensions for air hockey washers

Today you can buy accessories for air hockey from the assortment of various manufacturers. Good quality washers are produced by European companies, including Spain and Poland. But in addition to the classic 234inches models, smaller variants are common. Moreover, washers are manufactured with a diameter of 1,3 inches. They can be a little cheaper than more reliable counterparts, but in this case, the savings are controversial.

It is important to take into account that relatively heavy washers (usually about 13 grams) are better slip and less likely to “take off”. Very light models, which are abundant in our market from China, can not be captured at all by the sensor of the goal, which significantly degrades the quality of the game. Due to the fact that the manufacturer saved on weight, the owner of the air hockey will have to more often buy new washers in return for those that repeatedly fell outside the playing field and eventually become worthless.

For commercial use, it is strongly recommended to buy standard size washers and from well-reputed manufacturers.