Sportcraft Air Hockey table reviews

Air hockey is one of those entertainments that is equally popular among both children and adults. A variety of models and many additional options in such devices, as well as numerous manufacturing companies – all this contributes to the fact that the question of the correct choice of this attraction becomes very important. Sportcraft company has been producing tables for air hockey for many years. Let’s look at the best models.

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48″ Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer

Sportcraft 48″ table is a very simple and colorful air hockey for the home usage. Its laconic and stylish design immediately attracts attention.

This model is completely protected from mechanical damage: perforated stainless steel serves as the basis of the playing field of the table, the supports are also made of steel. Dimensions and weight of the table are small, so it does not take up much space and can be easily moved. The possibility of folding allows you to easily carry the gaming table, and when you store it does not take up much space.

The Sportcraft 48 is powered by a regular network, with washers and bits supplied, making the table fully ready for the game, allowing you to play exciting matches with friends and just have fun with your family.

The model is ideal for a fun and interesting pastime at home or at the cottage.

27″ Table Top Air Hockey

Compact air hockey table, equipped with a smooth playing surface. There is a side around the perimeter of the table, which prevents the puck from falling. Through the special holes of the playing surface of the table, air is circulated, it reduces friction and thereby increases the speed of movement of the washer over the surface.

This model of air hockey is powered by AA batteries, complete with two bits and two washers. A bright and exciting board game that will allow your child to have fun. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to transport.

Air Hockey Device

The table has a smooth surface, on all sides, it is surrounded by a rim so that the washer does not fly out. At the edges, there are gaps, gates, where you need to score the puck. The washer that gets into the gate is pulled through a special hole. Throughout the playing field, small holes are made through which air enters. Its flow reduces friction, so the washer moves at high speed. Air is supplied by the built-in fan. To calculate points, depending on the model, a mechanical or electronic counter is used.

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Types of air hockey tables

  • desk-without legs, compact, suitable for playing small children, are optimal for small rooms, have a low price;
  • floor – full tables for amateur and professional use. Used at home, in clubs, sports centers, various commercial establishments.

Characteristics for selection

  1. Dimensions are important for choosing the installation site.
  2. Power – batteries or from the network. The latter method has obvious advantages, but it deprives the table of mobility.
  3. The counter is mechanical or electronic. The presence of an electronic scoreboard is desirable for the commercial use of air hockey.
  4. Weight – is important at the stage of transportation, as well as if the need for moving the table is foreseen.
  5. Purpose – indicates: for home or commercial use the table is intended.

Another important criterion for searching is the appointment of air hockey (who will play it) and the place of use:

  1. Home air hockey for children. In this category are presented small and cheapest versions of tables for air hockey. These include models 3, 4 and 5 feet. It is known that almost any, even professional air hockey model is designed to be played not only by adults but also by children from 5 years old. In the category “Air Hockey for Children” there are mainly models for very young children – from 3 years. More details about the children’s air hockey can be found in the section “Air Hockey for Children”.
  2. Air hockey for the house, villa, and office. These models are designed for home use. The model range is represented by tables 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet. In such an air hockey can play both adults and children from 5 years. More details in the section “Air Hockey for Home and Cottages”. To the same category belong folding models of air hockey. Thanks to the convenient folding mechanism, such air hockey tables will not take up much space, even in confined spaces. For more information, see “Folding Air Hockey”.
  3. If you are planning to buy air hockey for use in public places, then you should consider commercial models. This type of air hockey is equipped with mechanisms for accepting payment for the game. For more information, see Commercial Air Hockey. They also include commercial models for street use. This is a separate line of air hockey made from materials resistant to atmospheric precipitation. Still, such air hockey tables are usually called all-weather.