5 Best Stiga ping pong table reviews

Stiga is a world-famous Swedish company that has been producing table tennis equipment since 1938, so it has got quite an experience in this business. The ping pong tables made by this company are considered to be of an excellent quality. Well, at least, they’re definitely popular on the market. Below, there’s a list of the best options STIGA can offer. Check them out and choose the one that suits you best!

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STIGA Bundle: STS 185 Table Tennis Table + GameCraft Paddles & Balls

stiga bundle table

The first option is STIGA Bundle. STIGA Bundle is practically classics. It has everything a one needs in order to play the game. Besides, it is quite affordable, so you get the whole package with all the necessary details and frills for an average price, which is cool. If you want an easy purchase, you can just choose this table and look no more!

The table has foldable legs and halves. You can lift up one half of the table as it is shown in the picture and play solo. The playback mode allows you to hone your skills so that you could nail it during the actual game. Apart from that, it is just convenient in case you’re bored and don’t have potential adversaries near you. As they say – you’re your worst enemy! Back to the details. The 3/4 inch surface of the table is of a deep blue color that is pleasant to look at. There are silk screen lines on top of it. On the sides of the table, there are special ball holders that can be used in order to make the game more dynamic.

As for the other features, it is worth mentioning the locking mechanism that is essential for every folding table – it makes the table stand where it stands (= not move), which prevents inadvertent traumas. A nice bonus is paddles and balls created by GameCraft that some of the sellers add to the package.

So, as we have said, everything’s included! This is one of the best options STIGA can offer. It can be found on Amazon. If you want you, you can follow the link down below.


STIGA STS 520 Indoor Table Tennis Table

stiga sts 520This STIGA indoor table is in many ways similar to the previous model, however, there are certain differences between them. The most important one is connected with the surface. While STS 185 has a 3/4 inches surface, this table suits all the international tournaments requirements by having a one-inch surface. The thickness of the surface in ping pong tables is a very important parameter to look at – it ensures a good ball bounce and can actually predict how long this or that table is going to last. The thicker, the better.

Thickness, however, comes at a certain price, so this model is more expensive than the previous one. If you are just a beginner, you are probably not going to notice the effects produced by this or that surface which is why sometimes it is better to give preference to a cheaper model – especially if you don’t really want to splash out. Besides, the surfaces of both tables have silk-screened striping, so you get this feature regardless of which STIGA table you choose. The table that is being described, however, has more powerful corner protectors.

As for the other details, STS 520 has steel steady legs that finish with leg levelers to ensure a level playing field. There are wheels for easy transportation and clipper net system so that you could attach and detach net with ease. Ball holders are present as well. So, as we see, many details are common for both tables. It is up to decide which one is the one! If you want a professional touch, this table is a great choice. If you are alright with a regular model, you can consider other tables on this list – this way, you’ll manage to save up some money.


Stiga Roller Outdoor Table Tennis Table

stiga outdoor table

We have reviewed a couple of indoor tables, but STIGA also produces great outdoor tables, so we should mention at least one of them. Stiga Roller Outdoor table tennis table is a wonderful option for those who prefer outdoor recreational activities. The surface might seem a bit bright, but it is quite fine for an outdoor table. Just imagine – summer, the bright sun is in the blue sky, everyone’s happy and suddenly there’s a dark blue table standing near a blossoming tree. It would be upsetting, so the sky color is definitely appropriate here.

But, of course, the looks are a matter of taste – the most important part is the quality of the details. Here, the surface is not that thick as you probably expect it to be, but it is common for outdoor ping pong tables. Instead of making the surface thick, the developers usually aim at making it durable and resistant to rust or any other changes that happen with time due to the sun, the rain, the wind, and so on. This is exactly the case with this table. The 6mm thick top is made of aluminum plastic.

As for the other details, the table has a great transportation system with lockers and everything – just like the majority of the STIGA tables. The legs come with leg levelers so that you could set a level playing field even if the ground is bit bumpy. The table is easily folded (and unfolded) and can be divided into to separate halves for some other entertaining purposes apart from table tennis. The playback mode is also present, as everywhere.

So, if you prefer to play sports outside, enjoy the weather, the sun and the fresh air, then don’t miss this offer! It might be less professional than indoor table tennis tables but it definitely has its own advantages. The Amazon link is below, as always!


STIGA Action Roller Table

stiga action table

As you have probably noticed, all the STIGA tables are rolling. They can be taken from one place to another without much challenge. This one is not an exception. Even the name claims that it is action and roller. Well, let’s dive into the details!

STIGA Action Roller table is a table of a solid good quality that costs reasonable money. Just like other STIGA tables, it can be folded and moved. Its strength is 16 mm fiberboard surface which ensures a good bounce and improves the overall quality of the game. 16 mm is evidently less than 22, so the first option on this list is more preferable if you think about it. The surface here is also anti-glare and all the other details are great and all, but this model is definitely older, so price-quality balance might seem a bit unfair or uneven. However, there are probably other prices in shops that are near you, so if you’re looking for a good table that is a bit old but has a high-quality surface, check out the stores besides Amazon. Maybe, this model will turn out to the best option for you.

After all, the table has a steel base which is durable and stable. The height of the net is adjustable. There’s a storage for playing pieces that can be loaded with 4 balls and 2 rockets. This is quite handy! So, to wrap up, if you don’t find other listed versions accessible or appealing, you can consider buying this one.


STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

stiga advantage table

You are very lucky if you have read this article till this very moment. STIGA Advantage is the table. Simply that. It looks good. It functions well. It is everything a one needs from a tennis table tennis made for home usage (and not only home usage actually).

The surface of the table is not that thick, but it is not that thin either – 5/8 inch. The overall construction is steady and at the same time foldable. This table, just like an outdoor one above, can be separated into two independent halves. It can be used for a more compact storage – for example, if the folded position is too big for you (although it is quite compact), you can divide the table in two and keep different parts in different place. Or else, you can use separate parts of the table for some other purposes, such as playing other games that are not table tennis. And the table tennis, by the way, can be played without a partner due to the old good playback mode.

The table is assembled in 10 minutes. Its locking & transportation system is smooth and can be taken care of very quickly. One more great thing is a clamp-style net. Optimization, optimization, and once again optimization. In sum, due to the small details that have been made more modern so to say, the table looks contemporary and cool. It is a great choice. If you choose STIGA, choose the best of it.

After having reviewed five of the STIGA’s most prominent models of ping pong tables, we can make some general statements about all of them:

  • First, all the tables are made for compact storage and are ‘user-friendly’ when it comes to transportation;
  • Secondly, the surfaces of the tables may differ in thickness but all of them (except for the outdoor ones) are made of fiber;
  • Finally, all the STIGA tables look stylish no matter in what year they were produced for the first time.

We hope this info was useful for you. Choose games equipment wisely and, as always, stay tuned for new articles!