15 Best Strategy board games for adults

Board games are not only for children! If you think so, try one of the games below on some kid, who’s yet green and foolish. He or she wouldn’t understand a thing! This especially concerns strategies, because strategic thinking is something most of us develop later in life. That’s why nowadays there are lots of strategy board games that are made for adults.

The list below consists of the very best adult strategy board games out there. Check them out, choose the one you like most, and make an order at Amazon (or check nearby shops – that’s an option too, of course). Let’s start!

1. Codenames

Codenames is an interesting social word game, in which two teams – one is red, the other is blue (you can think of other names, if you want to) – try to find their agent cards through words. On the outside, the cards are marked by words. On the inside, the cards contain pictures of agents (blue and red, according to the colors of the teams). One card contains an assassin, which immediately kills a team. Each team has a spymaster. Spymasters know where teams’ cards are situated. The role of spymasters is to think of a one-word guess that is associated with an agent card of a team or several agent cards (which is even better!) The spymaster tells his or her team a word and a number of cards that they should guess.

You can see the example on the picture below – the spymaster says ‘hot 2’ – and you need to turn over 2 cards the words on which in your opinion are associated with ‘hot’. Of course, there will be mistakes! This is the funniest part. The winner is the team that finds all of its agents first.

codenames board

The game can be played by 2-8 people. One round takes about 15 minutes. If the rules sound difficult to you, don’t worry – you’ll get it in the process! This board game is loved both by beginners and amateurs. Once played, you’re going to be obsessed with it forever! You can buy the most popular board game right now by clicking on the Amazon button below.


2. Sequence

Sequence is a game that you can actually play with children. But it’s challenging both for children and adults. It is a board and card game designed for 2-12 players (the number of players should be a multiple of 2 or 3).

As you can see in the picture below, the package of the game includes a playing field with two decks of cards, a deck of cards, and chips of different colors – blue, green, and red.

sequence game

A team or a person (regardless of the number of them) first of all should choose their color and then, in order to win, should build at least two sequences of 5 connected checkers (chips) of this color. All of that is done with the help of the cards, of course. Yeah, luck matters in this game as well as logic! Anyways, the game is a great alternative to mundane checkers or chess. It’s always good to try something new!


3. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a collaborative game, in which all of the players are trying to save the sinking island in order to get its four sacred treasures. The number of players can be 2, 3, or 4. Once you’ve got all of the treasures, you won. If you didn’t manage to save the treasures before the island is gone, you lost. I know, it is difficult to imagine. But this astonishingly beautiful game puts this plot into reality. The playing package consists of water level mark, 58 cards, 24 island tales (that are to be sunk), 6 pawns (each of them has certain powers – one player chooses one pawn), and 4 treasure figurines.

forbidden island game

The game has an enormous replay value, like, for example, you can experience with different pawns, change water level to make the game more challenging, or increase the number of players. At a certain point of the gameplay, the sacrifices are to be made. It is a fun game! Tired of competitiveness? Forbidden Island is what you need!


4. Element

Element is a game of capture and control. This game is a highly elaborated one and quite different from others. There are four main elements – water, fire, wind, and earth. All of these have special qualities, the knowledge of which allows you to easily win the game. In order to win, you got to ensnare other players so that they couldn’t move anymore on the playing field. Upon the whole, the playing details are the following: 120 element stones, a special bag for them, a game board, and 4 sages (figurines of players). The number of players is 2-4.

element board game

Each player makes a move by putting an element stone on the board. As has been noticed, there are special qualities of each element. For example, the combination of water elements may create a river that cannot be overcome. All in all, this is a very engaging strategy board game! It is not suitable for children, but will be enjoyed by adults (once the rules are understood)! Get it now and discover the power of elements!


 5. Photosynthesis Strategy Board Game

Ok, Photosynthesis can be played by children who reached at least 8 years old. But it doesn’t make it a game just for children. This green strategy board game can be played by anyone. It is gorgeous and based on a cool idea. More than that, it has quite a lot of details to deal with. The main thing though is to grow forest and earn points when the leaves of your trees hit the ground. Be careful when you choose a place for sowing your seeds! Shadowed places are not good for photosynthesis. You need the sunlight to help you go through this strategy.

photosynthesis strategy board

This game has received a reward for being mechanically complex and this beautiful. You can order this marvel right now at Amazon!


6. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is kind of like mafia. Each player gets a certain role, like a Werewolf, a seer, a troublemaker and so on. Basically, all the roles are divided into two groups – team Villagers and team Werewolf. At night players are changing their roles and at day villagers should guess who is the werewolf. If they do, they win. If they don’t, wins the werewolf.

werewolf board game

The game goes with an app both for iOS and for Android. So if you don’t get any of the rules, you can download the app that’ll guide you through the game. Besides, it is just convenient. The game can be played by 3-10 players. It is lots of fun – you’re gonna love it!


7. Plague Inc. The Board Game

Plague is a game in which you’ll have to follow a very strange goal. Your goal will be to spread a disease across all the world in order to become the ultimate play. In fact, you are the disease that needs to be spread. The number of players in this game can be 1 to 4. Yeah, there is a solo mode with particular instructions.

The game is quite intuitive, so you won’t spend too much time on figuring out what belongs where. The main tool that allows you to make progress in the game is cards. There are three decks of cards – the first one consists of country cards with dots of how many cities you can infect, the second one consists of symptom cards (like organs on which you can spread your disease), and the third one – of special events that lead to spreading the disease.

plague board game

This is a fun game! If you are not afraid of the concept, of course. All the details look deadly! The design is just killing you, so good it is. (Just joking). One more advantage is a big replay value. Don’t worry – you won’t get sick of this game too soon. So! Get the game, gather your friends, and find out the fastest way to spread a virus!


8. Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham is a very fun game that can be played by 3 to 5 players. One game takes approximately one hour of your time. All the players are merchants who need to sell their goods in the market on the market day at any cost. The only problem they face on their way to the market is the sheriff! The sheriff is the person who can check your bags with goods and make you go back from where you came. The thing is that there are two types of goods – legal ones and contraband! If you are carrying contraband, you’ll have to bluff, tell blatant lies or give bribes to the sheriff!

sheriff of nottingham

The winner is the merchant who gets the biggest profit. Imagine how provocative this game is! There surely will be lots of lively discussions. An amazing board game for small parties or family gatherings!


9. Pandemic 

If Plague Board Game is about spreading deadly diseases, this one is about curing them! In Pandemic, all the players become disease-fighting specialists who need to work together in order to get the necessary results. Each player is special – for example, you can be a scientist, an operation expert, etc. Depending on your role, you’ll be better at one of the activities – traveling, building a research center, treating patients, or discovering cures. There are several types of cards. Try to avoid ‘Epidemic’ cards that make the situation worse! The number of players is 2 to 4. One world-saving operation takes 45 minutes.

pandemic strategy board game

All in all, Pandemic is a nice cooperative game that has gained a lot of rewards throughout its existence. The first game appeared in 2008 and since then its popularity hasn’t been lessened.


10. Taboo

Taboo is a truly adult game. Well, not so much. It is a very fun game! The rules are simple – there are two teams of players (it can two people) who should guess words and explain words without using certain words – tabooed words, as they call them. There are several ways of how to play this game – you can double guessing time, choose the guesser, and more!

taboo game

Maybe, this one doesn’t exactly fit in a category called strategy board games, but it is an adult game and, what’s most important, a very enjoyable one! So, make your order right now – having a good time is guaranteed!


11. Wit’s End Board Game

Wit’s End is a wonderful game to check your knowledge and train your logic! The number of riddles is just mad – there are 1600 of them! The riddles are divided into 4 categories – teasers, odd-1-out, sequence, and mysterious wild cards. Each one contains a cool task to deal with. The game’s package consists of a large board, playing pieces, die, and, of course, cards with riddles. You’ll find riddles on such topics, as pop culture, science, geography, art, history and so on and so forth.

wits end strategy

So, this is an easy game in terms of an idea, but not so easy in terms of playing. If you want to find out how witty you and your nearest and dearest are, get this game!


12. Coup (The Dystopian Universe)

Coup is a game that comes in two versions. Well, the rules are always the same, but there are at least two stories behind the game. We’ll tell you the modern one. All the world is ruled by a small elite – a royal class of multinational CEOs. That causes extreme poverty among most of the population. An underground group called ‘The Resistance’ tries to topple the government and succeeds. This causes chaos in the world, in which the sly and the bold start to try getting influence. You are one of them. Be alert! Don’t lose your influence and try getting as much as you can from others. A person who gets most of the influence coins wins.

coup board game

One round takes only about 15 minutes. This is a fun and easy game to play with friends or family. The number of players can be no more than 6 and no less than 2. So, if you like cool short games, don’t miss a chance to get this one!


13. Concept 

Concept is a great board game that requires you to be imaginative. The main idea of it is to solve riddles by using visual clues. There are lots of small images that, if put together, can mean anything from Polar Bears to Sherlock Holmes! You can play in teams or two individuals can play against each other. The side that gets 12 lightbulb tokens first is the winner.

concept board game

No shit, Sherlock, the game must be played silently or at least without additional verbal clues. Order this fantastic board game today and never have parties where people don’t know what to do again!


14. Dominion

Dominion is quite an old game, but now there is an improved version of it – the one that is described in this overview. Imagine that you are a king. A king that wants to have a big kingdom with lots of land and lots of resources. In order to capture land for your kingdom, you got to make deals with feudal lords. There is a problem though. Seven other kings just like you have exactly the same goal! Try to get the lands first and unite all of them under your banner. The game is played with special cards – the deck that you are collecting reflects how good the deals in your kingdom are.

dominion board game

A player who manages to collect most of the most important cards wins. There can be 2 to 4 players. One game lasts for about 30 minutes. Maybe, you are a historian? Then you’ll certainly like the game! Just a small joke – of course, you’ll like the game in any case! Buy this adventurous strategy board game now and have a nice time!


15. Dead of Winter Crossroads Game

Dead of Winter is a meta-cooperative psychological survival game. Most of the people on Earth are either dead or diseased. All the players of the game are the survivors who lead groups of other survivors (there are lots of characters in this game) in order to achieve the common goal. The leader of each group or each player has his or her own individual goal – sometimes this goal cannot harm the main goal and sometimes it can. The number of players can vary from 2 to 5. One game takes 90 minute or so.

dead of winter game

This is a game, in which you have to make tough decisions – a real psychological nightmare! Sometimes all the players lose, sometimes all the players win, and sometimes the winners are certain players who managed to accomplish their goals. Aren’t you intrigued yet? Buy the game and try it out!


This is it for strategy board games for adults. We wish you to stay enthusiastic about playing games and make good deals at Amazon!