Super Chexx hockey table review

Super Chexx is a bubble hockey table. Bubble hockey tables are a lot like foosball tables – there are rods you need to manipulate in order to get a puck in the adversary’s gate. Super Chexx tables are considered to be the best ones when it comes to bubble hockey. They’re used by the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, and many others.

In fact, the so-called bubble hockey table or rod hockey table or even a dome hockey table was originally called Super Chexx. This is because Super Chexx was the company that originally developed this game in the early 1980s was Super Chexx. Later other companies also began to produce similar items.

There are lots of different versions of this table. The difference is connected with colors and the possibility to charge for the games. As for the colors, you can find lots of great options, such as this one, for example:

ice super chexx table

This option is indeed interesting. It features USA vs USSR 1980 game, so there are many small details connected with this legendary game, such as US National anthem playing at the start, specially designed players and sounds. However, if you don’t want any exotics, you can choose a moderate design that will be okay for everyone. Such as this one, for example:

super chexx

These two tables are for home use, however, if you want to buy a hockey table for commercial purposes, you can look for a coin-op version of the model. It will be no different apart from the fact that it has a special mechanism for monetary operations.

Now let’s stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point. What is this table like? Let’s overview the main features:

  • The weight is 170 lbs.
  • The dimensions are the following: diameter 60 inches, width 30 inches, height 54 inches.
  • The dome. The dome of Super Chexx is shatterproof, which is common for bubble hockey tables because if the glass of the dome is easily broken then the table is an obvious waste of money. In this case, everything’s fine. More than that, the dome is done and placed in such a way that you can easily maintain it and clean the surface of the table.
  • The sounds. There is a special audio system that lets you know when the puck is in the gates. There are some other sounds too, but if you don’t want them you can easily turn them off. The external knob for regulating volume was created exactly for that.
  • The lighting. It is really cool that this table has a lighting. Not only does it allow you to play in darker places, but it also creates a special atmosphere that playing even more exciting.
  • The scoring system. Obviously, you need to count goals and you don’t want to make it with your own hands. Here, you’ve got an automatic scoring system that counts scores for you. This is how it looks:
    scoring super chexx

So, all in all, it is a really good bubble/dome/rod hockey table. There is just one problem. It is hard to find it on Amazon at the moment. But who knows – maybe you will be luckier than us! The design of the table is carefully thought through. Even the players are not just plain, of one color – they have distinguishing uniforms, sticks, faces, etc.

Super Chexx hockey table is clearly one of the best. If you want to know what other hockey tables are worth your attention, check out this article: 5 Best bubble hockey tables 2018. Have fun playing & stay tuned for new reviews!