11 Best Table Tennis paddles

Choosing a good tennis racket (or paddle) can be quite tricky. And, still, the quality of your game might depend on this seemingly superfluous detail. Today there are lots of great tennis paddles on the market. The list below aims at grabbing the best of them. Go through the descriptions and pick the one that suits you most!

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STIGA Pro Carbon

stiga pro carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon is considered to be one of the greatest ping pong paddles out there. Its rubbers are made of a premium rubber that absorbs vibrations, improving the quality of your response. The sponge is 2mm thick. The wood used for creating this racket is extremely lightweight which increases the speed and reaction time. Two layers of carbon stand for rigidity.

All of these qualities make up for a pretty good tool, suitable both for professionals and beginners. The price is also suitable for both types of players. So, if you are just starting playing table tennis, don’t miss this option! And if you’ve had quite an experience before, you’ll know whether this one is what you need. Don’t forget to check the current price!

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STIGA Evolution

stiga evolution

STIGA Evolution, as you can see, is very similar to the racket above. The most evident difference is that Evolution doesn’t have carbon layers in it. It consists of that same premium rubber, 2mm sponge, and lightweight wood. The handle is made in a slightly different style, but its form is the same. The blade is also 6-ply, just like in the racket above.

By the way, STIGA company creates special performance rating charts that are available on Amazon. These charts reflect speed, spin, and control. For example, this ping pong paddle has got the following qualities: 96 speed, 94 spin, and 90 control. The qualities of the racket above are a bit different. Of course, the company won’t rate its rackets low, but these charts are still useful! They are useful for those who know which parameter is of a paramount importance in their play. So, if you are an expert already, don’t forget to look at the pictures. All in all, this is one more cool tennis racket to diversify your choice!

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STIGA Supreme

stiga supreme

STIGA Supreme is one more STIGA racket on our list. Sometimes it is extremely hard to recognize differences between all of these models. This racket, for example, has that same 6-ply blade, and rubber that is, if not premium, somewhat special (‘inverted ultralight rubber’). The rubber contains microscopic air capsules for a better elasticity and control.

If we take a look at the qualities of this paddles, we’ll see that they do differ a little bit – here, the speed is 90, the spin is 92, and the control is 89. So, the overall performance might be worse than in the case of the previous paddle. But good, nonetheless!

What is more, the paddle’s handle is anatomic, made in an Italian style. So, if a convenient handle matters a lot to you, definitely check this model out. If not the handle, then the price might become the crucial factor!

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stiga apexNow we’re moving on towards more budget models, and one of them is STIGA Apex. For about 20 dollars, you get a pretty good tennis racket that is absolutely capable of sustaining a great game.

The racket has a 5-ply blade, lightweight rubber with special microscopic capsules, and 2mm sponge. The handle is also anatomic just like the one of the racket above. The performance, though, is considerably worse – speed 65, spin 52, control 80. However, this level of performance is very much suitable for beginners.

Upon the whole, STIGA produces one of the best rackets for playing tennis out there. Even the budget versions tend to be durable, convenient, and easy to use. So, if you are short on money, consider Apex! It is a very good option after all.

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Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1

killerspin jet

Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1 is one more premium racket that is suitable for professionals. The racket includes 7-ply blade, 2 layers of carbon, rubber – as usual. The sides are taped with wood which improves the qualities of the racket.

The qualities, by the way, are the following: 9.5/10 speed, 9/10 spin, and 8/10 control. So, this one fits those players who can use speed as a leverage in their game.

This racket comes with a memory book which is incorporated in the racket’s keeping box. All the details are thought through. So, if you need a good premium quality racket and the price above the average does not bother you, this might be your best choice!

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Killerspin JET 200

killerson jet 200

As you can see, Killerspin JET 200 differs in color. But don’t you worry if you are determined to choose the colors approved for playing ping-pong worldwide – there is a choice between green. blue, and red (more brown than red actually) – red is your option if this is the case.

Killerspin JET 200 is less expensive than the model above. In fact, the price of this paddle is quite nice. 5-ply blade, basic rubber, and PVC side tape are all of its most important features. These features give you 6 out of 10 speed, 7 spin, and 8,5 control – a nice combination for a beginner!

Just like the Killerspin above, it also comes with a box-memory book, specially designed for writing down scores, collecting useful information, signatures, and so on. So, if you are just starting playing ping pong, take a closer look at this one!

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Killerspin RTG Diamond CQ

killerson diamond

This one is definitely not for beginners – both in terms of price and in terms of qualities. Of course, if you are dead serious about ping pong and can afford yourself buying a high-class racket, such as this one, why not? But if we are talking of reasonable choices, this paddle is something a professional player would appreciate.

It is made for those who enjoy a fast, very dynamic game. The qualities of the paddle (thanks to the carbon play and the strongest rubber possible) allow to response in a quick elusive manner which makes the game riveting and fun, but perhaps more difficult to perform.

All in all, RTS Diamond CQ is suitable for tournaments. If you have high playing skills, you may consider buying it as well!

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Killerspin Kido 7

killerson kido

Killerson Kido 7 Premium is also designed for those who have had quite an experience playing ping pong. Its blade is 7-ply made of high elasticity wood, plus there are two levels of high tension rubber. All of this contributes to a better speed, spin, and control.

You can choose between two types of a handle – a flared one of a straight one. If your level of playing is intermediate or higher, you probably already know which one suits you best. If not, you can try to hold different handles while being at a friend’s place or somewhere else.

All in all, this paddle is made for professional playing! But if you are a keen amateur, you can check it out as well. Tough spin and fast returns are guaranteed!

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JOOLA Spinforce Racket

joola paddle

Finally, we are moving on to another table tennis company, named JOOLA. The introduced racket is most suitable for those who have already mastered the basics and now seek to become adept in more complicated tricks. The description says that JOOLA Spinforce is perfect for learning spin control and offensive attack. So, if you need to hone these tricks, don’t miss the option!

2mm sponge that absorbs vibrations provides a good spin. The blade is 5-ply. The handle is flared which is, as we have managed to conclude, is the most popular choice.

As for the qualities of this racket, they are the following: speed 80, spin 84, control 86. Upon the whole, it is possible to find a racket with these qualities and with a 5-ply blade for a much lower price. Just take a look at STIGA models! But, if you find JOOLA or, maybe, the racket itself more appealing, then go ahead – check the price!

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Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line

butterfly balsa

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line is only for professionals! Actually, Butterfly paddles are preferred by many professional ping-pong players. This one costs a lot. And you would expect that the price matches the quality, which is the case! 5-ply blade where there are 3 layers of wood – the rest two are carbon, and excellent quality rubber Tenergy 80 to ensure great spin, unbelievable speed, and reasonable control. The qualities are 100 speed, 95 spin, 80 control.

Balsa Carbo comes in 3 different grip styles – flared, straight, and anatomic. So, you won’t have to refuse from it if the handle does not satisfy you. To end up with, this is one of the greatest choices for a professional game!

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DHS Ping Pong Paddle

dhs paddle

Last but not least paddle on our list is DHS paddle. DHS is a company that makes paddles for the Chinese table tennis national team, and the Chinese are far from being the last in table tennis. The peculiarity of this racket is a small handle which is amazingly comfortable for a certain grip (that doesn’t look like a handshake). So, if you prefer to grab a racket differently, consider DHS!

The paddle consists of a 7-ply blade made of lightweight wood which provides durability and at the time rational reaction speed. Forehand and backhand rubbers are made of different materials, but both materials are good at providing fast rotation.

The qualities are the following: 9/10 speed, 8.5/10 spin, and 7.5/10 control. And all of this for a very low price! Practically anyone can afford it. So, if a small handle is good for you, maybe this is the one!

Those were 11 best table tennis rackets we could find. If you know more, please, share them in the comments section down below! We wish you to have as many interesting games as possible and to choose only the best equipment for them!