7 Best travel board games for adults

Traveling can be exciting and traveling can be tedious! It is quite natural to have delays or waiting for someone or something in the middle of nowhere. If you get stuck in your hotel or hostel, there’s no need to worry! We can all use good old methods of entertainment to brighten up time – board games. The list below will guide you through the best board games for adults out there. Check it out, choose the one you’re most excited about and never get bored again!

Monopoly Deal

monopoly deal pic

Monopoly Deal is not like a traditional monopoly game – it is better! The game is a card version of the classic monopoly. So, the goal of the game is basically the same – to collect all sets of property as quickly as you can, however to gain property means to gain the necessary cards.

There are 3 sets of cards of different colors. Upon the whole, there are 110 cards. You can collect them, earn them, swap them, and even steal them! Be the smartest ass in your company.

The game can be played by up to 5 people. If you are driven by nostalgia, this is an excellent choice! It will surely invoke your memories.

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Goat Lords

goat lords game

Goat Lords is a new monopoly game that has quickly become very popular. If you are tired of collecting properties, you might wanna try to collect goats! By the way, there is a card with a goat called Donald Trump. Now we don’t know about your political preferences, but this should be fun. If you want a version without Donald, there is one – you can choose it.

If you collect the biggest amount of goats, you become the lord of goats. And this is basically the goal of the game. There are different methods of acquiring new cards – to give birth or to get in a duel… You’ll learn more of it as you get to the game. There can be up to 6 players starting with 2. If you are looking for a card game, definitely take a closer look at this one!

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Word Teasers Urban Legends Conversation Starter Card Game

urban legends board game

Word Teasers (Is it fact or urban legend?) is a game that can be played by anyone! It is really simple. There are special cards with so-called urban legends. Each player, in turn, should take one card, read it aloud and say whether what’s written there is a myth or a fact. A person who gets the biggest number of cards in the end wins.

This game is able to spark conversations you would have probably never been involved without it! Legends and facts are chosen carefully. You’ll be amazed at how many new facts you’ll know after playing the game. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to show up how smart you are. All in all, if you are up for something intellectual and fun at the same time, check out this game! It’s really worth it.

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Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity is one more cards game that is perfect for travelers. It will break the ice even if you are with total strangers. It is pretty simple. There are two decks of cards. 100 hundred cards deck is with black cards – these black cards contain questions. And 5 hundred cards deck is with white cards – some funny info that can be used to answer the questions.

So, how is it played? First, one person chooses a black card and therefore asks a question. Then, other people seek to answer it by choosing one of their white cards. Believe me, it is not as difficult as it sounds. The game’s description tells us that this game is for horrible people! If you’d like to check this statement out (I mean whether you are horrible…), try ordering it! Or, else, if you are looking for a simple game that can help you to unwind, consider this option all the same.

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skull board game

Skull is a bit different. It has some similarities to poker, however, there are some evident differences. Each player gets to have 4 cards in the beginning. 3 cards of roses and 1 skull. Your purpose is to collect as many cards as you can without hitting a skull. So, basically, the game is played this way – you tell how many cards should be taken from a deck. If you get a rose after all those cards are taken, that’s cool – you’re on the winning track. If there’s a skull, you lose one of your cards. So, it is kind of a mixture of good memory, luck, and skill.

The second difference is that this game has a peculiar design. The cards look gorgeous. All in all, this is just more cool cards game for adults. If you are familiar with an ancient version (oh, yes, there is an ancient version and the whole story behind the game), then you’ll certainly want to try it! If not, just read more of it and see whether it suits you.

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hanabi board game

Hanabi is a cooperative game. There is a big chance that while traveling you’ll encounter people you know very little about. If this is the case, you will probably want to start your acquaintance with a cooperative vibe rather than a competitive one. Choosing a game like Hanabi then is quite wise!

The goal of the game is to launch the fireworks. The problem is that you have to launch them in darkness. So-called darkness – each player sees only the cards of other players. To reach the goal, you have to communicate the cards to all the players. It is hard! It requires memory but you’ll most definitely overcome this challenge. Check out Amazon to see more details about the game. It is a great choice.

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Game of Thrones: Trivia Game First Edition

game of thrones board game

All the games that were described before are lightweight so that it was easy to take them with you while traveling. This one is bigger in size – you can consider this option in case you don’t mind some additional weight.

The game is based on popular series called Games of Thrones. There are two editions. We’ve chosen the first one just to make a quick overview of what this game is about. It is a strategy made specially for the fans of the series. It is hard to find a person who hasn’t watched it anyways. You need to answer the questions about the first four seasons. Don’t worry – all the questions are divided according to levels and seasons. The number of questions is 1200, so be sure, Game of Thrones board game will last for a very long time!

That is it for the best travel board games. To see more board games, check out this article: 15 Best Strategy board games for adults. Stay tuned & choose games wisely!