Types of game tables [Infographics]

Not sure what game table to choose for your home? Check our infographics about types of game tables and make your clear decision:

Game table zone infographics

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Types of Games Tables

Did you know that the gambling industry brings at least $135 billion to the US budget? Of course, most of it comes from casinos and entertainment centers where people like to take risks and try their luck. The games played on such tables include bets and sweating and losses and triumphs – poker, blackjack, craps, to name just a few.

There are also other games that are played with the help of game tables. These are the sporty games – the ones that require not only wit and tactics but also a good physical shape or at least a body capable of moving and having fun! Among the examples are ping-pong, air hockey, foosball, and a lot more. So, which side will you choose?

Gambling tables. The top gambling game that has already gained a status of ‘international’ is poker. Poker tables can now be seen not only in public places but also among the coziness of someone’s home. These tables usually have padded tails for comfort and cup-holders for drinks. Today, the market offers two kinds of poker tables – big tables and table tops. The difference between them is that the latter ones have no legs, which makes them cheaper and more portable.

Card game tables. A deck of cards is sometimes all that you need in order to entertain your guests. However, can you imagine how great it would be to have a special folding table for playing cards games? If you are tired of sitting on the floor with your legs hurting and your neighbor gazing at what you’ve got, then you should definitely consider buying a cards table. Today, there are many folding tables designed to play lots of kinds of games. They are pretty simple but that’s the whole point. Why over-complicate?

Pool tables. Pool or billiards is not necessarily a gambling game. In fact, cue sports are sports after all. They require concentration, patience, and precision. However, if we put aside the sporting component, what’s left is a simple yet great entertainment in a bar in a circle of friends. Guess what! You don’t need to go to a bar. Today, with so many options available on the market, it is a piece of cake to find a high-quality pool table for home use. Make sure the construction is made of wood, the rails are rubber and the legs have levelers. That’s it – enjoy playing and don’t forget to make bets.

Sports. One of the most popular sporting game tables is the ones for playing foosball. Foosball or table soccer is a game that has nothing in common with soccer except the fact that it also requires a certain amount of strength and stamina. The goal of the game is to move the ball into the opponent’s goal by using special control rods. While choosing a foosball table, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the surface, rods, legs, and overall construction.

Air hockey tables. Not a big fan of soccer? You can try playing air hockey instead. This relatively new table game has become quite popular among children and teenagers. Adults can play it as well. The tables made for air hockey are air powered. They come with pucks and pushers. Some also have electronic scoreboards so that you could forget the counting and concentrate on playing. Playing this game is pure pleasure! If you don’t want to spend lots of money on a table, you can buy a tabletop instead.

Ping-pong tables. Are you still not satisfied with the amount of energy required to play those childish table games? Then you may go for something really big. Table tennis is considered to be one of the coolest pastimes that are not only fun and riveting but also fats-burning and concentration-enhancing. The best and most durable table tennis or ping-pong tables have thick surfaces. The thicker, the better. There are two types of ping-pong table – indoor and outdoor. If you have lots of room in your apartment or house, consider the former category and if your garage is big enough, go for the latter.

Combination tables. Still unsure of what choice to make? Maybe you don’t need to choose at all! The thing is that you can choose a game table that was made for playing various types of games. These are called combination tables or transformers. One table may include two, three, four or even more games that are interchangeable, meaning you can pick a game depending on your mood, your guests’ preferences, the weather outside, etc. Happy playing!