USA vs USSR bubble hockey table review

The full name of the item we are going to review in this article is “ICE Super Chexx Miracle on ICE Bubble Hockey Table”. In short, we are going to call it a USA vs USSR bubble hockey table. The table is produced by Super Chexx company and it looks like this:

ice super chexx

The table’s story originates from a game that was played by two national teams – of USSR and USA. In the case of the USSR, the players were definitely professional – well, at least they didn’t have other occupations while they were preparing for the even. And in the case of the USA, the players were just students and since sports were encouraged in student campuses, they were pretty good. The structures for recruiting players were different, but it is not that important actually. What is important is the event itself, the excitement it created and the attention it got from the audience.

The match was won by the United States, but it was so intense that people still rewatch it – the thrill is not gone yet. The USA and the USSR were two giants that influenced the international arena greatly and yet they’ve managed to keep it cool, to keep it safe and transfer their tensions and differences to the ice. Let it always be so! The table, therefore, can be interpreted as a symbol of friendship and sporty but healthy relationship that doesn’t cross the line.

No more rambling! The details of the table we’re talking about are all connected to that legendary event. There is the national Americal anthem playing before the start. There are players painted just like or, well, almost like the players of the team looked in 1980:

usa ussr

As for the general quality of the table, you don’t have to worry about that! Super Chexx products usually don’t let down. Since it is a bubble hockey table, one of the most important details is the dome. The dome here is shatterproof which means that you won’t accidentally ‘break it’ (until you try very hard, of course). What’s more, you can easily clean it and take care of it in some other way.

The dimensions of this table are the following: diameter 60, width 30, height 54 inches. The weight 170 lbs.

The table has a cool modern scoring system that makes the gameplay more convenient. There is also lighting that gets you in a special mood, and the sounds that are also quite atmospheric – well, at least, they perform their function well: they let you know when the puck is on the gates. If you don’t want the sounds, there is no problem about that – you can easily turn them off whenever you want to. There is an external knob for this purpose which is very convenient.

electronic scrorig chexx

Upon the whole, this table does not only look good, but it also functions well. So, if you don’t know what bubble hockey table to buy, take a closer look at this option! If you’d like to know your alternatives, check out this article: 5 Best bubble hockey tables 2018Have a great time playing & choose gaming equipment wisely. Till the next time!