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Game tables have long ceased to be exclusively a children’s board game for the home. And although the children are still enthusiastic about them, today many adults also do not mind playing table football or hockey. It’s fashionable, modern and also it’s great to relax. That’s why gaming tables can often be found not only at home but also in bars, cafes, and other establishments, and yet many heads of large firms are trying to buy a gaming table for the office.

Game tables – this is a great opportunity to spend your time cheerfully and profitably. When the weather is bad, a game table will not allow either children or adults be discouraged. Gaming tables gather around themselves a big noisy company because the opportunity to fight in football or hockey in the society of the same gamblers like these kinds of sports always unites.

Modern gamу tables are made of quality materials, which makes them very durable and resistant to all kinds of loads. Gaming tables with a chip counter have a long service life, which is why they can often be found in places of a large crowd of people: in adults and children’s entertainment establishments.

Types of game tables

What are the gaming tables?

  1. Manufacturers offer models designed for home use, office options and designs suitable for commercial use. First of all, they differ in functionality and strength.
  2. Such tables can be of various sizes (labeled 5 – 8 lb.), room and all-weather options.
  3. Different products are suitable for different games. The most interesting and practical are multifunctional designs that are transformed as needed. They provide several surfaces, allowing you to play completely different games: from chess and poker to hockey, tennis, and bowling. Many models can also be used as a dining table.

Types of game tables

  1. Specialized gaming tables – designed for one particular game. For example – a table for table tennis, for billiards, a table for playing poker, etc.
  2. Multifunctional gaming table is characterized by the fact that on one table you can play from two or more sports board games.


Air Hockey tables

One of the most popular board games, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in an exciting team game with a puck. A light compact table with a shiny flat surface, simple rules that children can understand from the age of 6, incredible excitement caused by a dynamic plot, and, importantly, an acceptable price – all this makes air hockey one of the most popular leisure tools for people around the world. Quite often, these tables are used to equip gaming clubs and entertainment venues in large shopping centers, so manufacturers equip most models with built-in coin mechanism and a set of accessories for the game.

Several types of table hockey for children and adults:

  1. Mini-table hockey, which is convenient to carry from place to place and take on trips.
  2. Table air hockey on the legs (legs are folded for easy storage).
  3. A stationary game table with hockey and air hockey is ideal for a children’s and even an office.
  4. Professional table air hockey for 2 and 4 players – the perfect solution for an amusement park and playgrounds.

Characteristics for selection

  1. Dimensions are important for choosing the installation site.
  2. Power – batteries or from the network. The latter method has obvious advantages, but it deprives the table of mobility.
  3. The counter is mechanical or electronic. The presence of an electronic scoreboard is desirable for the commercial use of air hockey.
  4. Weight – is important at the stage of transportation, as well as if the need for moving the table is foreseen.
  5. Purpose – indicates: for home or commercial use the table is intended.

Practice in this game will allow you to train concentration and fine motor skills, and to get more adrenaline from the fight, many simply try to increase the speed of the game. As for the rules, in air hockey, you can not touch the puck with anything but a cue ball. Also, you cannot go beyond your half of the field. For every successful shot on goal, one point is awarded and the winner is the one who will be able to score seven points first. Consequently, the quirkiness or spectacularity of blows is of no great importance. At the forefront, as a rule, comes speed and accuracy on goal.

Foosball tables

This game table is a kind of classic but at the same time, it is popular to this day. This kind of entertainment is great for people of all ages, besides, football is the weakness of millions of people around the world. Each goal scored, as a rule, can affect the final result. As in real football, there is an opportunity to pick up a ball, which you will be much more comfortable to play. This game is usually played two by two and one by one, although sometimes even four or four tournaments are played, which makes table football even more interesting. Excitement, speed, team play – all this characterizes the foosball board game.

Among the players in table football, there are both amateurs and professionals. The main constructive feature of professional football is the number of rows with figures. On professional tables, their number is basically eight but can go up to twenty-two rows with five figures. But amateur football is limited mainly to six rows.

Kinds of football table

  1. A kicker is a table football in which the player’s figures are fixed on the bars hanging across the playing field. Handles of rods are brought out beyond the edges of the table. Rotating the handle allows you to hit the ball, and the longitudinal movement of the bar – to intercept the ball. The game has become widespread as a sport, has reached a professional level, kicker international matches are held.
  2. Table football with figures moving on the grooves made in the table by the type of table hockey. In this game, the handles of the bars are led out of the gate.

Types of tables

  1. The table without legs is compact, fits on any table, it is convenient to store and carry, they are distinguished by an affordable price. Convenient for home use.
  2. Table with legs – a large playing field, respectively, it is more convenient to manipulate the bars. But you need to allocate space for the placement of the game. Used to equip various commercial institutions.

Characteristics for selection

  1. Dimensions are the key factor that determines the placement of the table in the room (if its length is less than 4 feet, this is a children’s table, adults cannot play it. For adults it is more convenient for standards of 4.5 feet and 5 feet.)
  2. Weight – the heavier, the more stable the table. But light compact models have a positive property – mobility.
  3. Complete set-most of the models are equipped with a mechanical counter. Well, if the kit includes spare balls, this part is often lost.

Table Tennis

One of the most cheerful, temperamental sports games is table tennis. In addition to excitement, this game is still entertaining and accessible. This sport has almost no contra-indications, and it will not be difficult to master it for small children, and for adults.

The main attributes here are a tennis table, rackets, and a ball. Naturally, the most important of them and requiring attention in choosing is a tennis table.

Types of tables for tennis for use:

  1. Tennis table for premises – this group includes all tables intended for use only in enclosed spaces: in gyms, in clubs, in game rooms, at home.
  2. An all-weather tennis table is needed if outdoor games are planned. Marked by the word “all weather” or “OUTDOOR”. Such tables are installed on street sites, in yards. The worktops are made of a material resistant to sun and moisture. Advantage: long service life (10-15 years).

Types of tennis tables by appointment:

  1. Amateur – designed for use at home, in clubs, game rooms, as equipment for organizing leisure of visitors. Advantages: low price, lightweight.
  2. Professional – for training athletes, holding matches. This category also includes tournament and training tables, which have a smaller thickness and height of rebound of the ball than professional ones but are more affordable. Recommended for equipping sports schools, sections.

Characteristics for selection:

  1. The tabletop size is standard: 2,74х1,525 m, height 0,76 m. Tennis tables with smaller dimensions belong to the amateur class, they are intended for children.
  2. The thickness of the tabletop – amateur tables less than 19 mm, for professional – more than 22 mm. The characteristic is important for professional tennis since it affects the height of the ball rebound.
  3. Covering the table – the anti-reflective coating provides the most comfortable conditions for the game
  4. Weight – consider if the table needs to be moved frequently. Professional models are heavier than amateur, in this case, the problem is solved by the availability of transport wheels.

Pool tables

Billiards – an exciting game that can develop coordination of movements, as well as the ability to calculate the trajectory of the movement of balls.

In order, the play on billiards will rich, attractive, and interesting, and also the pleasure of playing will remain constant and immutable – it is necessary to approach the choice of billiard table responsibly. The pocket sporting projectile should be stable and reliable, have an eye-pleasing appearance, successfully emphasize the design of the billiard room and the entire country house or billiard club and have dimensions corresponding to the size of the room intended for it.

Dimensions of tables

The parameters of the tables must be commensurable with a particular kind of game:

  1. To play in the carom, 9 or 10-foot tables fit.
  2. The American pool is played on small billiards with measured marks from 6 to 9 feet. Also, the production of compact models of home use, the length of which is from 4 to 8 feet, is adjusted.
  3. In Russian billiards, the game is played with large balls, so for the matches, massive billiards are required, the height of the playing field which is in the values of 31-33 inches. The size is from 8 to 12 feet.
  4. For snooker, the popular billiard format is 10-12 feet. Amateur models border within up to 9 feet.

In-demand species

Depending on the quality of components, design features involved in the production of materials and applications, billiard tables are divided into the following categories:

  1. Amateur billiards. The advantages of such products are low price, the possibility of self-assembly, relatively lightweight. Such sports equipment of active rest are made of MDF or inexpensive wood (for skeletons), LSDP (for slabs), simple side rubber and economical cloth.
  2. Commercial billiards. Produced for equipping billiard clubs. This type of billiard equipment is made from MDF, glued beams and is completed with slabs of natural polished stone (slate) and professional cloth. At the cost of such items for the game occupy an intermediate position between amateur billiard and professional billiards, which will soon pay off and are suitable for commercial use.
  3. Professional billiards. This sports equipment is designed for a long period of operation, both at home and during various competitions and demonstrations of billiards. The characteristic features of these sports equipment – exemplary resistance to constant and variable loads, high gaming potential. The billiard module is constructed from a glued array of wood and all components of a table of the highest order.

Poker tables

Card games have historically been popular in different countries, especially poker was popular. It is the poker table that allows fans of card games to completely immerse themselves in the game itself, it is a necessary attribute for creating the appropriate poker entourage. Therefore, we can safely say that the poker table is the choice of true connoisseurs of the popular card game. The poker table provides comfortable conditions and convenience for players, giving them the opportunity to fully concentrate on the game. Do not forget that the poker table can become an ornament of the interior of your house.

Types of poker tables

The poker table is furniture but specific. It should be comfortable, look great, and customize the game. Today, manufacturers are trying to keep up with modern trends and produce quality models for every taste. It can be a table:

  1. Calculated for a different number of players (for example, 8-10).
  2. With or without markings.
  3. Folding or classic (folding table weighs less than stationary, it is perfect for a small room, they can be used, and then folded and put in a secluded place).
  4. From different materials (plastic, inexpensive wood or elite wood, leather upholstery).
  5. Different forms of countertops (rectangular, oval, round models).
  6. Different design, style, color.

Shuffleboard tables

Shuffleboard is called by several different games in which players are required to push weighted disks onto marked areas of the playing surface: a table, a board or a court. In the shuffleboard, you can play with the whole family or with friends, and even with drinks in hand. In which of the varieties of shuffleboard you would not play, this game will bring you a lot of fun.

Features of the shuffleboard table

Shuffleboard tables, which are often placed in bars, have a polished wooden surface. Their length ranges from 12 to 22 feet. The table height is typically 30 inches, and its width is 20 inches. The lines are drawn at a distance of 6 and 12 inches from the far edge. The Penalty Line is drawn at a distance of 6 feet from the far edge. To earn points, the disks must cross this line without falling off the table.

Beer-pong tables

Few games are as well known and popular as beer-pong. Despite the fact that technically – it’s just a game with alcohol, in beer-pong, you will need a huge amount of skills and a bit of luck. Anyone who has reached adulthood can take part in this game. As in any other board game, the table plays an important role in the competition process.

Tables for beer pong can be divided into the following categories:

Professional. These are tables with an official length of 8 feet. Sometimes it can be 7.5 feet. Such a table folds comfortably in four and resembles a small suitcase. As for the height and width, these figures are 2 feet and 27 inches. However, the dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Amature-portable. This is the most popular type of table for beer-pong. The length of the structure is 7 feet, width – 2 feet. Unlike the professional table, this is slightly higher – 31 inches.

Multifunctional gaming tables

Gaming tables-transformers – unique equipment in terms of space saving. Multifunctional gaming tables are ideal for the entertainment of the whole family – this is a real godsend for parents and their children. The main feature of these games is that they occupy the minimum amount of space, and are also able to satisfy the requests for almost all games.

Multifunctional gaming tables include several games at once. By simple manipulation, one game field changes to another – and you are back in the game! But it is necessary to take into account that the transformers, winning in versatility, multifunctional gaming tables lose a few in the scale and professionality of games. That is, games are easier but they are much more! And this fact can be decisive in order to buy a multifunctional gaming table.

Design and appearance

The multifunctional gaming table has a removable or reversible structure. It has several surfaces that easily vary among themselves.

Surfaces of the table top, intended for this or that game. For example:

  • table football, hockey – control of the figures of players with the help of special pens to which they are attached;
  • air hockey – for which an absolutely smooth surface of the table top is used;
  • checkers, chess, backgammon, poker – a special marking is applied to the surface of the table top;
  • game tables designed for playing table tennis, most often have the dimensions of midi and mini;
  • game tables, draped with cloth and equipped with pockets, for playing billiards.

Multifunctional game table with surfaces of tabletops for games table tennis, billiards in large part corresponds to amateur, semi-professional tables. The quality of the countertops meets all the requirements and this is a guarantee that, in addition to entertainment, households, guests can get a really good, 100% effective training.

In addition to the above games, gaming tables can be with interchangeable table tops and for games that are not so popular:

  • gaming tables with markings for mahjong, Japanese go;
  • game tables, equipped for playing table croquet, golf;
  • game tables designed for playing bowling;
  • game tables with a super smooth surface for curling and many others.

Multifunctional gaming table can be designed for two or more games. Depending on the number of replaceable countertops, their coating quality, materials from which they are made, the components are formed by the cost.

How to choose the right table?
Of course, your personal preferences are important here, and where you are going to put the equipment. For the house, a small game table with minimal functionality is also suitable but for public use, it is better to order a more stable design that will last for many years, even if the players are piled on it with all their weight.